Who We Are

Our History

Legends are made not born

Founder Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock enters the arena for the last time

Shamrock Way Inc was founded in 2015, by retired combat sports pioneers, Frank & Ken Shamrock. The brothers earned international fame as champions of combat in the UFC, Strikeforce & WWE and credit their adoptive father Bob Shamrock and the Shamrock Boys Ranch for turning their lives around.

Before they were teenagers Ken & Frank Shamrock were removed from their dysfunctional homes to became wards of the state of California and both were one step away from youth prison.

Instead they were chosen to attend the famous Shamrock Boys Ranch. Beginning in 1974, Bob Shamrock and his wife Dee Dee began opening their ranch home to troubled boys and went on to saved thousands of young men like Frank & Ken.

Bob believed that with a family structure, community action and team sports - you could overcome any obstacle. 

Under Bob’s guidance the Shamrock Brothers conquered sports, fame and life. Now the champion brothers are paying it forward by carrying on their father’s legacy. 

“The Shamrock Way is how our father approached life, helping people using the power of art, love and family.”  The Shamrock Brothers 

We hope that you will join us on this journey.  

Welcome to our family.

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