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Shamrock Boys Ranch 
Originally opened in 1974, The Shamrock Boys Ranch is a wilderness therapy program that incorporates nature immersion, personal and self awareness training along with Mixed Martial Arts and career mentorship. Under the care of Bob Shamrock, the Shamrock Boys Ranch served over 2000 kids and now his son’s, Frank & Ken Shamrock, carry on his legacy. 

Vision Quest 
At risk youth attending inner city schools are invited to journey on a three vision quest into the great outdoors where they will learn about nature awareness/conservation and self survival skills as they camp outside under the stars. Each trip will include hiking, camping, survival skills, vocational education, career education and personal guidance. Participants must be enrolled in school and have the parents and teachers permission. 

VA.GI BILL - Shamrock MMA
Veterans who have GI Bill credits can apply for the Shamrock MMA Instructor Program and start a new career in Personal Trainer/Professional Education. Participants will graduate the 2 year course certified to teach Shamrock MMA and personal/private training. Includes job placement, sales, marketing, systems and management training. 

Athletic Scholarships 
Are you a promising athlete with no resources to achieve that ultimate dream? Or an athletic program that needs some equipment or tools? We support athletes and programs worldwide with our Athletic Scholarships programs.  Send us your plan to achieve success, each scholarship is approved by founders Ken & Frank Shamrock, so make it good! There is a champion in all of us, find your arena. 

We Stand Together Against Bullying 
Bullying is social disease that requires education and community participation at all levels of communication and personal interactions. We Stand Together organizes celebrity appearances at public schools from middle to high school to speak about Bullying. Our speakers are Olympians, Professional Athletes, and Hollywood actors who share a common message of self awareness and social boundaries. 

Family Dinner - Homeless Veterans 
Veterans returning from service have fewer resources than ever to reintegrate back into society especially if they do not have a strong social support group. Over 50% of these homeless veterans have some sort of mental disorder or addiction caused by the physical or mental damages of war. Many can not comfortably reintegrate into society until they have “healed” those wounds. 


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