What We Do

Initiatives & Campaigns

Shamrock Boys Ranch 
The Shamrock Boys Ranch is currently under construction and we need your support to complete the project. The Shamrock Boys Ranch helped thousands of troubled kids before closing in 2010 with the passing of founder, Bob Shamrock. Please help us reopen this home to save kids from criminal commitments. Everyone kid deserves a second chance at life and a family. 

Sunnyvale Wrestling Club
Shamrock Way supports the Sunnyvale Wrestling Club non profit and its co-curricular wrestling program in the Sunnyvale School District in Sunnyvale California. Co-curricular activities like sports and martial arts unite the parents and communities behind their children. Studies show that kids who participate in co-curricular activities have better grades, behavior and lives. Learn more or donate www.sunnyvalewrestling.com 

Community Scholarships
Scholarships are available to any student or athlete with passing grades who is currently attending school or a career educational program. Scholarships for Arts, Sports, Technology, Social Adovacacy, Film and Television. All scholarships are approved by our Board and founders, Frank & Ken Shamrock. 

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